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Snow-Shod Farm

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Wheatmillsicon Snow-Shod Farm
Snow Shod Farm
Snow Shod Farm Location
Hold The Rift
Location South of Riften
Characters Addvild, Leonara Arius
Location ID SnowShodFarmExterior

Snow-Shod Farm is a wheat mill and farm in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Located south-southwest of Riften, it is owned by Addvild and Leonara Arius. The area has a wheat mill and a farm house with little value in it. A few local guards patrol in the vicinity. 


  • Becoming Thane - The crops can be harvested and sold to Addvild for a small amount of GoldIcon. This will count as a favor to a citizen of the The Rift.

Notable itemsEdit




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