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"We bid you enter Snowhawk, where the wind is as sharp as its talons and as fierce as its name..."
―In-game description[src]

Snowhawk is a city in the province of Skyrim. It is one of several possible locations that the Eternal Champion may discover in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Snowhawk is connected to three different settlements. To the north is Markarth Side, to the south is Lainalten, and to the east is Dunstad Grove.


  • In earlier development, Arena was going to be a Tournament based game. Snowhawk's team was known as the Frost Demons.[OOG 1]
  • When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out, Snowhawk was the only city to not reappear as a city.
    • This happened prior to Skyrim's release when Bethesda released a map of Tamriel around the time The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion released. The map featured most of the cities from Arena. But in the Skyrim Map, Snowhawk was not featured but instead was replaced with the Markarth Side (now known as Markarth).
    • In Skyrim, it now appears as a fort owned by the city of Morthal.



Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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