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Solitude Solitude
TESV Solitude Blue Palace
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Hold Haafingar
Jarl Elisif the Fair
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Solitude, is the capital city of both Haafingar, Skyrim, and the Imperial Legion in Skyrim. Ruled by the current Jarl Elisif the Fair, widow of the late High King Torygg, it is the headquarters of the Imperial Legion stationed in Skyrim. The Thalmor have an embassy hidden in the nearby mountains.

Part of the reason for this is the eminently defensible nature of Solitude itself. Set upon a great stone arch that towers above the mouth of the Karth River, the city is surrounded by the soaring peaks of the nearby mountains. Solitude is both a reinforced and breathtaking stronghold.


Solitude Seal

Solitude is located on the eastern coast of a peninsula in Haafingar, in the far north-west of Skyrim. The city is built on a cape on the mouth of the Karth River and has a port on the river itself. A large percent of Haafingar's population lives within Solitude’s walls. It is also one of the northernmost cities on the mainland of Tamriel, second only to Dawnstar.

Bards College

Founded during Skyrim's long Alessian flirtation, the Bards College continues to flaunt a heretical streak, and its students are famous carousers, fittingly enough given their chosen trade. Students yearly invade the marketplace for a week of revelry, the climax of which is the famous burning of "King Olaf" in effigy, possibly a now-forgotten contender in the War of Succession. Graduates have no trouble finding employment in noble households across Tamriel, including the restored Imperial Court in Cyrodiil, but many still choose to follow in the wandering footsteps of illustrious alumni such as Callisos and Morachellis. Students may apply at any time, but should have a good knowledge of Speechcraft.

Points of interest

TESV Banner Solitude

The banner of Solitude.




Jarl's Residence


Purchasable property

Proudspire Manor, Solitude's only available home, costs 25,000 Septims. The Dragonborn can buy it from Falk Firebeard after becoming a Thane of Haafinger. When the Dragonborn has purchased Proudspire Manor, Jordis the Sword-Maiden, the Dragonborn's housecarl, stays there.


Blue Palace

Elisif the Fair
Falk Firebeard
Sybille Stentor
Bolgeir Bearclaw


Angeline Morrard
Corpulus Vinius
Sybille Stentor
Evette San


Jordis the Sword-Maiden

Castle Dour

General Tullius
Legate Rikke
Captain Aldis
Legate Adventus Caesennius

Bards College

Aia Arria
Giraud Gemane
Inge Six Fingers
Pantea Ateia


Silana Petreia


Vittoria Vici
Aquillius Aeresius
Irnskar Ironhand
Minette Vinius
Noster Eagle-Eye
Octieve San
Sorex Vinius
Vivienne Onis
Varnius Junius


Miscellaneous quests

  • Ask Captain Aldis for information about Angeline's daughter. Given by Angeline Morrard in Angeline's Aromatics.
  • Deliver the Stros M'Kai Rum to Falk Firebeard: deliver rum to Falk Firebeard from Sorex Vinius, who can either be found in The Winking Skeever or walking around town.
  • Find Noster's Helmet in a radiant location: given by Noster Eagle-Eye, who can be found outside Radiant Raiment.
  • Kill the leader of Broken Oar Grotto: given by Ahtar, who can be found in Jala's house at night.
    • This quest does not count toward the miscellaneous quest assist the people of Haafingar.
  • Kill the leader of Pinemoon Cave: given by Sybille Stentor in the Blue Palace.
  • Take Torygg's War Horn to the Shrine of Talos: given by Jarl Elisif the Fair.
  • Talk to the innkeeper about letting Belrand off his debts.
  • Talk to Irnskar about Octieve's debts.




Hero of Skyrim (Achievement)
Hero of Skyrim
Capture Solitude or Windhelm
Points 30 Game points
Silver trophy



  • It is possible for a dragon to attack inside of Solitude, even during the Battle for Solitude.
  • Solitude was originally designed as the seat of the Imperials in the province of Skyrim. As a result, the architecture was created to reflect the Imperial style from past Elder Scrolls games. The idea of building it on a land bridge came in early on production and remained one of the most unique features of the city.
  • Solitude has been home to many notorious and widely viewed as "mad" leaders, including The Wolf Queen and Pelagius the Mad.
  • According to The Wolf Queen, Book VIII in 3E 127 there was a Mages Guild in Solitude.
  • According to The Wolf Queen, Book IV in 3E 110 there was a tavern by the name of Moon and Nausea in Solitude.
  • Guards can go into the sewers through the man holes.
  • An unlimited number of steel arrows may be taken from the soldiers training by the Temple of the Divines (they shoot the targets repeatedly). Alternatively, the Dragonborn may pickpocket the guards when they are sleeping and take their steel arrows and replace them with any kind of arrow of which duplicates are desired.
  • There are hawks circling the sky above Solitude which can be killed for their beaks and feathers, both of which are alchemical ingredients that can be used to brew potions.
  • With the Dawnguard installed, a man named Jolf will appear at the end of the Solitude docks and will take the Dragonborn in his boat to Castle Volkihar, Windhelm or Dawnstar.
  • Solitude Prison (Castle Dour) is an easy way to gain the achievement "Wanted" on 360 and PS3 as the wall at the back of the cell is crumbling. Also there is another hole in the wall slightly further along with access to the prisoners belongings chest.
  • It is possible to access the Castle Dour Dungeon by slipping underneath Solitude.


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