Solumor is a Breton beggar that can be encountered at various locations in Rivenspire. The Vestige can give him money as part of the Give to the Poor achievement.


After giving him money before:

"Oh, my friend! Thank Mara I've found you once more! Dastards! Miscreants of the very worst cut! As soon as you left they were upon me—beating me, taking the gold you so kindly gave me to feed my poor, starving children!"

Your children are starving? "Oh, most assuredly. Not a bite to eat in days. Weeks, even! Won't you please help me out before it's ... too late for my eleven sickly children?"
All right. For your children. [69 GoldIcon] "Oh, thank you, friend! Thank you! My seventeen sickly children thank you as well. I won't forget this kindness."
Not today, friend. Move along.