Solvents can be collected alongside bodies of water labeled Pure Water. It can also be collected via Water Skin sacks that can be found along shores, roads, camps, and caves.

List of solventsEdit

Solvent type

Minimum level for potion use

Ability required for potion creation

Naturalwater thumb

Natural Water

level 3

Alchemy rank I

Clearwater thumb

Clear Water

level 10

Alchemy rank I

Pristinewater thumb

Pristine Water

level 20 Solvent Proficiency rank I
Cleansedwater thumb

Cleansed Water

level 30 Solvent Proficiency rank II
Filteredwater thumb

Filtered Water

level 40 Solvent Proficiency rank III

Purified Water

level 50, veteran rank 1-4
Solvent Proficiency rank IV

Cloud Mist

veteran rank 5-12
Solvent Proficiency rank V