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Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 5-10
Class Bard
Ref ID xx019632
Base ID xx019630

Sonir is a bard who can be hired to stay in Windstad Manor.


She can be asked to sing one of three songs:

She can also play the lute, drum, and flute and will offer to perform instrumental music of the Dragonborn's choosing.

Left alone, she will often wander around the residence interacting with furnishings such as alchemy labs and arcane enchanters.


  • She has unique ways of singing certain songs, singing them slightly faster and harsher, although extending some words, compared to other female bards.


  •  PC   360   If asked to leave she may stay. Repeating the request does not work.
    • One workaround may be to use the console command kill while she is targeted and using the command markfordelete on her corpse. This requires testing, as it is unknown if she is an essential character, though this status could be removed with the command setessential xx019630 0.


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