Sorcerer Vunal is a Dunmer researcher residing at the Brothers of Strife ruin in Stonefalls. He is a member of House Telvanni who seeks to determine the circumstances that led to the creation of the Brothers of Strife. Due to scamps interfering with his work, he needs the assistance of the Vestige to complete it.


Window on the PastEdit

Vunal will task the Vestige with gathering heartstones and speaking to the spirits of the Chimer warriors who once inhabited the ruin. Afterwards, he will send the Vestige into the past, back to the time of the Nede-Chimer War.

The Brothers Will RiseEdit

After returning to the present, the Vestige reports back to Vunal to notify him about what they learned.



Show: Window on the Past

"Honor to you, stranger. Your appearance is most fortunate. My situation here has taken a distressing turn, and you could be of great assistance to me."

How so? "For months now I've been studying how the Brothers of Strife were created. These ruins are fascinating, but ruins can reveal only so much. I need a brave person to visit the past and tell me what actually happened that day."
Go into the past? How? "I've concocted a ritual to summon spirits present on that day. Talk to whoever appears. This should imbue you with the essence of that moment. You'll need to find the heartstones. Then we can open the gateway to the past."
I can try. "Mind the stories the spirits tell you. There's much to be learned from talking to the dead."
What is this place? "These violent statues depict the horrors of the past, when the Elven Chimer fought the invading human Nedes. This was the birthplace of the mightiest magic the Chimer ever conceived. As a Telvanni, I must know everything."
I'm not sure what that has to do with these statues. "These are the Brothers of Strife, immortalized in stone. It was here our ancestors, the Chimer, made their final stand against the Nedes. And it was here they created the Brothers of Strife."
You said you were Telvanni? "Yes, that is my House, Three be praised. While the other houses have entangled themselves in this Ebonheart Pact, our Wizard-Lords, in their wisdom, have kept us apart. Power comes through knowledge, ancient and modern."

"You have spoken to the spirits. What did you learn?"

Yes, there were two commanders. They spoke of a battle and a sacrifice. "General Balreth and Legate Sadal. My calculations were correct, not that I expected any less. By talking to them you're now attuned to the final clash between Chimer and Nede. Now all you have to do is step into the past."
How do I do that? "Of course, I forgot. You did not conceive this plan. In the base of the statue just north of here is a shrine dedicated to Boethiah. Go there and offer the heartstones to the Brothers."
I'll see what the past has to show me. "There is one thing to know. I don't want to waste this opportunity because you made a foolish mistake. Those in the past will see you as one of Balreth's soldiers. Act the part. I can't say what will happen if you don't."
It might help if I knew more about the past. "History lessons? Very well, if you insist."
The spirits mentioned the Chimer. Who are they? "Do they teach nothing these days? Long ago we were the Chimer, with light skin and fair eyes. We worshiped the Good Daedra. To mark the ascent of the Three, we were gifted with this more sober complexion―and the realm of Morrowind forever."
Who are the Nedes? "A more obscure topic, certainly. In ancient days, the Nedic tribes marched and plundered across the lad. We call their descendents [sic] [Do not change this to descendants. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] Nords. Even then, they were fearsome warriors who lusted for conquest."
What's this battle they were in? "Early in the First Era, when the Chimer were still new to Morrowind, the Nedes invaded. The battle that brought Sadal and Balreth here was the climax of that war. The Chimer were forced to desperate measures to prevail."
What are all these scamps doing here? "Great power ripped open a way to Oblivion here, and that can never fully be shut. Scamps are the skeevers of those realms, wriggling through the gaps. Ill-smelling, fire-spewing skeevers who killed my assistants and drove me from the ruins."
Show: The Brothers Will Rise

"You return. What did you learn?"

I witnessed the birth of the Brothers. They used Daedric essence and Nede blood in a ritual. "Nede blood! I should have seen this! The Chimer thought they were gods. Backed into a corner, they turned to dark rituals. This was dangerous magic. I must contemplate this. Still, I am quite grateful that you did not fail."

"We Dark Elves thought ourselves unassailable in Stonefalls. Now the Covenant stands at our gate, threatening to burn the barn and scatter the guar. Interesting how the past repeats itself."