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Sorcerors are a magic-specialized class in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Manual DescriptionEdit

Sorcerors are much like mages, but with an important difference. They do not regenerate magicka naturally within their bodies, but absorb it from the spells of others. Their total magicka "pool" is much greater than the mage's - indeed they have the greatest magical potential of any of the standard character classes. LIke their brother mages, sorcerors must have high intelligence and high willpower.[1]



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Description and UseEdit

Sorcerors are more of a risky bet than other magic-based classes, due to the fact that they can not naturally regenerate magicka. However, they also have the potential to be one of the most powerful classes in the game.

When they are hit by a spell, they may absorb the magicka from the spell and take no damage. This depends on whether or not the sorceror can absorb the amount of magicka or not. If, for example, they were hit by a fireball, then if they have lost enough magicka so that absorbing the spell would not give them more magicka than their maximum pool, then they would likely absorb the spell. If, however, they cannot absorb the spell without increasing their maximum magicka, then they will be hit by the spell [2].

This means that when a sorceror is fighting other spellcasters, then they can use all of their magicka up quickly, and then easily regain it without taking very much, if any, damage.

Magicka can still be regained by other means, such as potions and visiting the Mages Guild.



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