Sorli the Builder is a Nord resident of Stonehills. She is the wife of Pactur, the overseer of Rockwallow Mine. Unlike the miners, who sleep in tents, Sorli lives in a cottage with Pactur and their son Sirgar. She will become Jarl of Hjaalmarch if the Stormcloaks liberate Morthal.


Civil WarEdit

If the Dragonborn sides with the Stormcloaks during the Civil War, Sorli replaces Idgrod Ravencrone as Jarl of Morthal. Upon being appointed with the new title, she takes up residence in Highmoon Hall with her husband Pactur as her Steward, and a worker from Stonehills, Teeba-Ei, serving as her housecarl. Bounties in the Hjaalmarch Hold can be collected directly from her.

Unlike other Jarls who can usually be found sitting on their thrones, Sorli can be found wandering around Morthal following Falion, depending on the completion of a miscellaneous quest.

Laid to RestEdit

The Dragonborn is recruited by the Jarl of Morthal to investigate a tragic fire which happened in the town. After it is discovered that a powerful vampire was involved in the incident, the Jarl rallies an army of volunteers to assist the Dragonborn in eradicating the threat.


  • Sorli is the only replacement Jarl to originate from outside the hold capital of their hold.
  • She is also the only Jarl never shown or said explicitly to personally favor either side of the war. This is most apparent when she exclaims "By the Eight!" during "Laid to Rest ,"despite her being the Stormcloaks' replacement Jarl.
  • Sorli, Brunwulf Free-Winter, Thongvor Silver-Blood, and Kraldar are the only Jarls that don't wear fine clothes, or any Jarl clothes.
  • Sorli is the only jarl who has an Argonian housecarl.
  • If the Dragonborn kills her son, Sirgar, and remains in Hjaalmarch long enough, Sorli will seek the Dragonborn out and demand an apology. If the Dragonborn refuses to apologize, she will enter combat until either the Dragonborn dies or she collapses from her injuries. Upon recovery, she runs away without another word.