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Sorli the Builder

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Sorli the Builder is a Nord and a resident of Stonehills. She is the wife of Pactur, the overseer of Rockwallow Mine. Unlike the miners, who sleep in tents, Sorli lives in a cottage with Pactur and their son Sirgar.


Civil War

If the Dragonborn sides with the Stormcloaks during the Civil War, Sorli replaces Idgrod Ravencrone as Jarl of Morthal. Upon being appointed with the new title, she takes up residence in Highmoon Hall with her husband Pactur as her Steward, and a worker from Stonehills, Teeba-Ei, serving as her housecarl. Bounties in the Hjaalmarch Hold can be collected directly from her.

Unlike other Jarls who can usually be found sitting on their thrones, Sorli can be found wandering around Morthal. She can sometimes be found following Falion.

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