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[[Etched into a metal plate are the images of five coffins. Beneath each coffin image is a short verse or epigram. On the lid of the each coffin is a single word.]]

[[beneath the first coffin:]]
So dark, dirty, cold this place,
To stay you would refrain
Yet those who occupy this place
Never do complain

[[marking the lid of the first coffin:]]

[[beneath the second coffin:]]
The gift your mother gives you,
Though prized by all, the long and short of it,
Too much of it kills you every time.

[[marking the lid of the second coffin:]]

[[beneath the third coffin:]]
What was the sight my eyes were giving
When I saw the dead carrying the living?

[[marking the lid of the third coffin:]]

[[beneath the fourth coffin:]]
We say some things improve with death.
What stinks when living, but dead smells good?

[[marking the lid of the fourth coffin:]]

[[beneath the fifth coffin:]]
Who makes it neither needs nor wants it.
Who buys it neither uses nor wears it.
Who uses it neither sees nor feels it.

[[marking the lid of the fifth coffin:]]