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Soul Gems are used for resurrecting yourself and your allies, as well as keeping weapons and armor enchanted.[1] In order to fill a soul gem, the Soul Trap ability must be used. The highest rank of this ability will automatically place Soul Trap on the player's weapon.[1]

The following table shows the original Soul Gem information. It has since been updated. As of Update 12, all Soul Gems were replaced with Grand Soul Gems, as One Tamriel removed the need for level-based content. If was further updated in Update 14, renaming them all to Soul Gems.

Soul Gem Level Use Value Image
Petty Capture lvl 1–9 souls when empty 1
Petty Soulgem Online
Minor 10 Capture lvl 10–19 souls when empty; used to refill lvl 10–19 weapons, and revive lvl 10–19 players when filled 15
Minor Soulgem Online
Lesser 20 Capture lvl 20–29 souls when empty; used to refill lvl 20–29 weapons, and revive lvl 20–29 players when filled 20
Lesser Soulgem Online
Common 30 Capture lvl 30–39 souls when empty; used to refill lvl 30–39 weapons, and revive lvl 30–39 players when filled 22
Common Soulgem Online
Greater 40 Capture lvl 40–49 souls when empty; used to refill lvl 40–49 weapons, and revive lvl 40–49 players when filled 26
Greater Soulgem Online
Grand 50 Capture lvl 50 souls when empty; used to refill lvl 50 or better weapons, and revive lvl 50 or better players when filled 30
Grand Soulgem Online

Related abilitiesEdit

The abilities from the Soul Magic skill tree relate to Soul Gems:

  • Soul Trap
  • Soul Lock — Has a 5% chance to automatically absorb the soul of a defeated creature.
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