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Soul Husk

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Soul Husk
Soul Husk
0.1 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Interrupts the soul drain effect in the Soul Cairn. Resist 10% of magic for 10 seconds.
Type: Food
FormID: xx014dc4

Soul Husks are plant-like food items that can be found and harvested in the Soul Cairn.


When eaten, it interrupts the soul drain effect in the Soul Cairn (i.e., the giant soul gems will not drain Health when approached) and grants a 10% magic resistance bonus for 10 seconds.

Soul husks cannot be used as an Alchemy ingredient. However, while at the Boneyard entrance, there are four bottles of soul husk extract. The Dragonborn can also come back after Harkon's defeat and Valerica will trade a soul husk extract for five soul husks.

Since soul husks belong to the category of food items, they also benefit from the Alchemy perk Green Thumb.


  • Bring twenty-five samples to Morven Stroud. As a reward, he opens up his merchandise for sale. He exchanges arms, armor and spell tomes, for another twenty-five husks per item.


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