The Soul of Kewan is the soul of the Redguard Kewan found in the realm of Peryite during the quest at Peryite's Shrine.



When first discovered at the Shrine, all of the worshippers are frozen in time due to a misfired ritual to summon their lord. During Peryite's Quest, their souls must be freed from the Realm of Peryite.

In the Realm, the Hero will find his soul wandering around near the huge bonfire in the north-eastern area of the map. When trying to talk to him, his soul will be absorbed. Once the Hero have freed all worshipers from their imprisonment, they will find Kewan back at the Shrine, busy doing all of his old routines in honor of his Lord; he will either preach from behind the lectern, put down an unknown offering to Peryite, sit on one of the benches or wander around. He will do this 24 hours a day, without even eating or sleeping.