South Shriekwind Bastion is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and is one of the entrances to Shriekwind Bastion.


It is found northeast of Falkreath and several steps lead up to the entrance. To reach it, the Dragonborn must leave Falkreath from the mill and go up the road until a dirt trail leads off from the road. After following that trail and making a left turn, the Dragonborn must continue forward until reaching the ruin. When walking up to the entrance, a draugr will emerge from a sarcophagus and a skeleton will approach, while another draugr guards the entrance. There is a chance a troll might appear before entering the area.

Within the Shriekwind ruin, in one of many small rooms, there are around a dozen pairs of shoes bunched together. Among this assorted collection, one may find the rare fur-lined boots and pleated shoes, which is one of the very few locations these boots are found.