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Special Delivery is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This quest can only be initiated after completing "Mine or Yours."


To start the quest one must enter the mine at Shor's Stone and speak with Sylgja. She will ask for a letter to be sent to her father, Verner, at Darkwater Crossing.

When Darkwater Crossing is reached, Verner will be found in his house in the easternmost part of the town or in the mine. After the package is delivered, Verner will ask for a package of his to be delivered. Simply find Sylgja in Shor's Stone and deliver her father's package.


Reward for completing this quest is a Leveled Necklace without any enchantments.


Special Delivery – FreeformShorsStone02
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective 10: Deliver the satchel to Verner in Darkwater Crossing
  • Objective 20: Return to Sylgja