The Spectral Dragon Priest has a small chance (3%) of appearing as a combat ally for 60 seconds, much like an Atronach, when the Konahrik mask is equipped and the player is struck while at or below 15% health. Upon death, it leaves a temporary dust cloud in its wake and occasionally will leave an ash pile as well.

This spectre makes use of Shock and Frost spells as well as being able to reanimate corpses, or if no corpses are available, summon a Storm Atronach.

Alternatively, it can be summoned by the unused Conjure Dragon Priest spell if Console Commands are available. This spectre can be encountered as an enemy if facing Yngol's Shade at higher levels.


  • It is possible that this Spectral Dragon Priest was Konahrik, since it is summoned via the Konahrik mask.