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For other uses, see Speed.
Main article: Attributes (Oblivion)

The Speed attribute determines how fast the Hero moves and how fast they swing a weapon.

It governs the Acrobatics, Athletics, and Light Armor skills. If it goes over 100, it will still provide only the running speed bonus.


Drinking Skooma will fortify Speed and Strength by 60 for 60 seconds per bottle, up to eight bottles. With this increase, it is possible for anyone to outrun M'aiq the Liar, who has 100 Speed, Athletics, and Agility. Fortifying Enchanting can achieve the same effect.

An Expert Alchemist can create Potions of Fortify Speed, using a Pear and Wisp Stalk Caps

Bosmer, Dunmer and Argonians start with 50 Speed.


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