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Dual-casting the same spell

Spells are cast using magicka.

The spells of The Elder Scrolls universe are divided into several magical schools. Increasing the player's proficiency in the schools depends on spell uses and training.

  • Damage — Lowers health, fatigue, magicka, attribute or skill. Can only be restored with a Restore effect, such as a blessing from the chapel, a spell or a potion.
  • Drain — Temporarily and gradually lowers health, fatigue, magicka, attribute or skill for a duration of time.
  • Resist — Reduces shock, frost, fire, magicka, the damage afflicted by a normal weapon or reduces the chance of being poisoned, paralyzed, or diseased. Shield is similar to Resist.
  • Restore — Recovers health, fatigue, magicka, attribute or skill back towards normal level
  • Fortify — Similar to Restore, but can temporarily increase the skill in question beyond the normal level
  • Weakness — Decreases resistance to shock, frost, fire, magicka, the damage afflicted by a normal weapon or to disease, poison, and paralysis
  • Reflect — Reflects normal or spell damage back at the opponent.

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