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A Breton mage casts Buoyancy on herself.

For other uses, see Spells.

Under the science of Magic, spells utilize Magicka to manipulate reality to the whims of the Mage. Six spell-types exist in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, most of which are governed by the Intelligence and Willpower attributes. Illusion employs Personality, and is the main exception to this rule. While classes such as Battlemage and Healer specialize in spell-casting, all races and classes can cast some spells. A minor Restore health and a minor Fireball spell are learned by each race at the game's beginning.

Spells by schoolEdit


Main article: Spellmaking (Oblivion)

Spells can be created at an Altar of Spellmaking. Only upon gaining access to the Arcane University or employing the use of the Wizard's Tower official plug-in can one create spells. A craftsman must learn a specific spell quality (i.e. Fire damage or Water Breathing) before it can be crafted into a spell. A craftsman can add effects of the magnitude matching their Skill rank, although, if one fortifies a skill past a level barrier (i.e. an Apprentice fortifying their skill to Journeyman) they will be able to create a spell past their level in that School of Magic.

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