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The avatar of the Spellsword from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Nimbler and more athletic than the sorcerer, and better suited for spell-casting than the knight, the attacks of a Spellsword are unpredictable. Spellswords are great students of combat and magic. Serving as warrior-mages, they dedicate their lives to learning both the art of war and the ethereal ways of power.

Spellswords are adept at all types of weapons and armor utilization, and are extremely versatile in combat situations. This pre-made class has appeared in almost every Elder Scrolls game in the series.

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Spellswords do not and should not fulfill tanking roles, though they wear heavy armor, they should be treated as pure damage-dealers. Spellswords specialize in combat and magic so race is not detrimental in building your very own as no race's bonuses encompass all skills that are commonly found in a spellsword's armory. Dunmer, Altmer, and female Argonians can be the most useful Spellswords by way of natural skill early on.

Spellswords should try and maximize their ranged magic spells against melee enemies until they are close. When fighting enemies that use bows or crossbows, a combination of blade and destruction magic can be very useful especially if you time your attacks and stagger the opponent when right about to let loose an arrow or bolt. Against magic users, using magicka-draining spells is a very effective strategy, but dispatching the mage inside a group should be a priority as a spellsword.


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