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Spellsword (Skyrim)

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Spellsword (Skyrim)
Basic Info
Level Radiant (1-46)
Health-icon 50-575
MagickaIcon 100-500
Stamina 25
Spells/Abilities Frost Cloak
Ice Storm
Lightning Bolt
Reanimate Corpse
ArmorIcon Leveled armor
Soul Size Black
Base ID 000B11EF
For the class, see Spellsword.

A Spellsword is an enemy in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Similar to the class in Oblivion, Morrowind, and in Daggerfall, that bears the same name, these foes are armored mages who employ the use of weapons.


Found in Southfringe Sanctum, they are followers of Bashnag.

Unlike most hostile mages encountered in Skyrim, Spellswords sport a variety of armor and often use weapons larger than daggers. However, these often remain low-level items, the major exception to this being the weapons wielded by Bashnag himself.


The Savior of Selveni NethriEdit


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