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For other uses, see Spiders.
"These arachnids are of the giant variety, very poisonous, and extremely fast. They often inhabit places underground where the moist depth can keep their chitinous skin pliable. They are highly carnivorous, and will attack without provocation, using their paralyzing venom to incapacitate their intended victims until they can be fed upon."
―Official Arena Player's Guide.[OOG 2]

Spiders are creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Attributes[OOG 1]
Strength 65
Intelligence 30
Willpower 50
Agility 75
Speed 80
Endurance 70
Personality 10
Luck 50

Spiders are red colored and carnivorous arachnids animals of large stature who inhabit dungeons, these creatures are potentially dangerous and will attack any intruder who enters their dens.

Usually found in dungeons, Spiders represent a powerful foe to low level opponents, they not only attack in group, but can also use their venom to paralyze and eliminate intruders. Even if these arachnids may not seem an enemy to be afraid of, Spiders are stronger than Minotaurs and can inflict great amounts of damage to their adversaries and should be dealt with caution, even at high levels and specially at low levels.

Spiders will also attack in group more frequently than the other creatures, multiplying their force of attack. And besides all their abilities, Spiders also possess great Speed, being able to kill fleeing targets.

Spiders are between Minotaurs and Ghouls in therms of strength, they are first encountered on the dungeon Stonekeep, roaming the inner rooms.



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