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Spider Daedra are Daedra that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. They are known to be servants of Boethiah and Mephala. They can be encountered in Coldharbour, at various Dark Anchors, or as a random encounter.


Spider Daedra primarily use shock magic, although they will use melee attacks in certain scenarios. Spider Daedra will also spawn melee-oriented spiderlings.

  1. Summon Spiderling
  2. Strike
  3. Spit Webbing
  4. Lightning Storm
  5. Lightning Onslaught
  6. Spit
  7. Creeping Storm – Ruzozuzalpamaz uses this
  8. Spider Bites – Ruzozuzalpamaz uses this
  9. Impale – The Whisperer
  10. Web Blast – The Whisperer
  11. Arachnophobia – The Whisperer
  12. Daedric Explosion – The Whisperer


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  • Spiderling – miniature Spider Daedra spawned by Spider Daedra

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