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Spiders are aggressive Arachnids found throughout Tamriel. They appear in many biomes, such as ruins, arctic, and woodland.



Spiders in Arena

Main article: Spider (Arena)

Spiders appear as enemies in-game.


Main article: Spider (Daggerfall)

Spiders appear as enemies in-game.


Main article: Spiders (Shadowkey)

Spiders appear as enemies in-game.


Main article: Frostbite Spider

Giant Frostbite Spiders look the same as normal Frostbite Spiders, except for the fact that they are larger in size. Due to this, they have more health and are slightly more difficult to defeat. They appear as both red or white spiders.

When encountering a Giant Frostbite, there is a high chance of finding smaller ones too. This suggests they are the spider's children.


Main article: Spiders (Dragonborn)

With the Dragonborn expansion, Albino Spiders can be found on the island of Solstheim. Albino Spider Pods can be taken from these and used to create magical spiders that can fight for the Dragonborn. In White Ridge Barrow, the Dragonborn can find the Imbuing Chamber, which can be used to craft spiders.


Main article: Spider (Online)

Spiders appear as enemies in-game. They drop bait for fishing. They also appear as Giant Spiders

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