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Spiked Armor is a Dragonknight active skill in the Draconic Power skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Increases Armor by 25 for 17 seconds and returns 2 physical damage to melee attackers. (Level I)

Volatile ArmorEdit

  • [?]
  • U6: This ability now deals increased damage over 10 seconds. The amount of damage dealt increases with each rank [1]

Hardened ArmorEdit

  • [?]
  • U6: Renamed this ability to Hardened Armor (from Razor Armor), which now provides a damage shield equal to 10% of your maximum health. The duration of this shield lasts 3.5 seconds at Rank IV. [1]


  • U1: The damage return for this ability and its morphs has been increased. [2]
  • U6: All ranks of this ability now also grant the buffs Major Resolve and Major Ward. [3]



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