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Spriggans, often called "Nature's Guardians," are hostile creatures in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. They are tree spirits that are typically found in the forests of Solstheim. The Skaal believe that they have three lives.[1]


Spriggans are able to summon bears to assist them in combat, and to fully heal themselves when badly hurt. They can revive themselves twice, growing stronger each time. They are easy to detect, due to their shrill laughter.



The following items may be gathered from a dead spriggan:


The Ritual of TreesEdit

The Nerevarine must defeat a Riekling to restore the mystical forces of Solstheim's forests.


  • The Spriggans are likely inspired by the "huldra," a nature spirit in Scandinavian folklore.
  • It is possible to fill three soul gems with one Spriggan, by soul trapping it each time it dies.
  • If the Spriggan is looted before regenerating into a new body, it will not reappear again, as it should.