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St. Delyn Plaza is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is the topmost level of St. Delyn Canton in the city of Vivec City, where the most exquisite merchants sell their goods. An extraordinary number of traders reside here, as well as two rather unusual shops, specializing in pottery and glassware, respectively. There is no wealthy citizen's residence here, instead The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise can be found here.


Abbey of St. Delyn the WiseEdit

A handful of monks and other believers reside here.

Mevel Fererus: TraderEdit

The trader Mevel Fererus sells a wide variety of goods, including a noteworthy number of weapons and armor.

St. Delyn Glassworker's HallEdit

The Glassworker's Hall produces and sells glassware.

Lucretinaus Olcinius: TraderEdit

The trader Lucretinaus Olcinius sells a wide variety of goods.

St. Delyn Potter's HallEdit

The Potter's Hall produces and sells pottery.

Tervur Braven: TraderEdit

The trader Tervur Braven sells a variety of goods of all kind.


The following characters are encountered on the main plaza outside the various shops and the abbey.

There is also one Ordinator patrolling the square.