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St. Olms Tailors and Dyers Hall

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St. Olms Tailors and Dyers Hall is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, located at St. Olms Waistworks, Vivec City.


St. Olms Tailors and Dyers Hall is a small clothing shop filled with various clothes. A cloth merchant, Mevure Hlen, is working here with her assistant, Tirele Aralas, and sells clothes at any time. Inside a locked small chest (LockLvl: 25) there is a little sum of gold.



  • Various Common, Expensive and Extravagant clothes
  • 50GoldIcon in the chest, up to 20 GoldIcon in the locked small chest
  • 5x Candle
  • 4x Bolt of Cloth



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