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St. Olms Tanners and Miners Hall

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St. Olms Tanners and Miners Hall is a small light armor shop located at St. Olms Waistworks, Vivec City.

The shop is owned by Nivos Drivam. His assistant, Noldrasi Bedas, helps him with all matters. This shop is also the only shop in St. Olms Canton where an Ordinator can be found, guarding peace. In a Small Chest there is a small sum of gold.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Raw Ebony: three on a plate, four inside Chest
  • 68GoldIcon (18 on a table, 50 inside Small Chest)


Nivos Drivam sells not only Netch Leather and Boiled Netch Leather armor, but also some Raw Ebony and some gems.


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