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St. Olms Temple is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is a Tribunal temple located at St. Olms Plaza, Vivec City.


St. Olms Temple is a common Tribunal temple like many others in Morrowind. On the first floor there is nothing interesting except of a lonely book. At the basement there are six rooms. One of them is occupied by Vaval Selas, a Tribunal priest who sells various potions and spells. There are locked chest in his room (LockLvl: 75) containing his potions. Near his room there are locked library (LockLvl: 5) as well as two bedrooms with two beds each which means that Vaval is not the only inhabittant of this Temple. There are also two locked rooms, a small bedroom (LockLvl: 10) and a closet (LockLvl: 5), both infested with Rats.



Notable itemsEdit


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