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For other uses, see Staada.

Staada is a Golden Saint in the service of Sheogorath and is the commander of the Golden Saints in the Daedric Forces of Madness.


In the late Third Era, she was tasked by Sheogorath with helping him win a bet with Azura, and was sent along with a host of other Daedra to disrupt the priestess that was the focus of the bet. Her intervention was prevented when Azura enlisted the aid of the Nerevarine, who killed Staada and the other Daedra. She returned to the Shivering Isles from the Waters of Oblivion some time afterwards.


The Helpless ArmyEdit

During the Third Era Greymarch, Staada was commanding at Brellach, the Golden Saint stronghold in the Isles. At that time, an attack was launched on one of the strongholds of Madness, though which one is uncertain. If it was Brellach, then Staada and her Aureals were tricked by the traitor duke Thadon, who allowed the Forces of Order to infiltrate the stronghold. Staada was captured and held prisoner while her lieutenant, Issmi, sent for help.

Sheogorath sent his champion, the Hero of Kvatch, to lend aid. The Hero and Issmi succeeded in freeing Staada, who accompanied them as they pushed towards the Chamber of the Wellspring. Unfortunately, Order succeeded in cutting off the flow of the Wellspring, rendering Staada, Issmi, and their team of Aureals lifeless. The Hero fought on alone to the Wellspring and renewed it, reviving the Golden Saints. Expressing gratitude, Staada gave the Hero a suit of Golden Saint Armor and the ability to summon Golden Saints.



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