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Ice Longsword

An Ice Longsword.

For other uses, see Stalhrim Weapons.

Stalhrim weapons are a set of weapons added in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. These weapons are made of Raw Stalhrim. These weapons can only be crafted after the completion of the quest Discovery in the Mine. If the Nerevarine sides with Falco Galenus, the weapons can be made by Aenar for one raw Stalhrim. But if sided with Carnius Magius, he will make the weapons for two raw Stalhrim.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Name WeightIcon Health-icon GoldIcon ItemID
Stalhrim Dagger 5 800 15000 BM ice dagger
Stalhrim Longsword 70 2500 65000 BM ice longsword
Stalhrim Mace 65 9000 40000 BM ice mace
Stalhrim War Axe 34 2000 50000 BM ice war axe

Appearances Edit

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