"Stamina is used to sprint and execute power attacks. Sprinting in Heavy Armor uses more stamina than sprinting in Light Armor or clothing."
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
For this stat in other games, see Stamina and Fatigue.

Stamina is the character's physical energy, used to perform various strenuous activities, particularly power attacks, bashing, or sprinting. If stamina has been depleted the stamina bar will flash and the character is unable to perform these activities. The green bar in the bottom right of the screen shows the current status of stamina. The base Stamina value for all races is 100 points.


The amount of stamina depends on the character's level. Each time the hero levels, a choice is offered to add ten points to stamina, or to another attribute. Selecting to increase stamina at level-up increases carry weight by five.


Options for restoring stamina include:



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