Steal Chimarvamidium is a Mages Guild quest that can be obtained from Edwinna Elbert in Ald'ruhn, if the Nerevarine has sufficient rank in the Mages Guild.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Head to Vivec Mages Guild
  2. Locate the target's room
  3. Pick the lock on the chest and steal the book (while not being seen)
  4. Return to Edwinna

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Edwinna will ask the Nerevarine to "borrow" a book from someone at the Mages Guild in Vivec City. Head to the Vivec Mages Guild via the teleport and stay on the top floor until finding a room with the target. Head into the wardrobe (close the door behind so as not to be seen), pick the lock on the chest to get the book, and, if wanted, there is an Alteration skill book. Head back to Edwinna, talk to her, and the quest will be completed.


Steal Chimarvamidium
Edwinna asked me to steal the book Chimarvamidium from the Mages Guild in Vivec.
  • Quest accepted
I returned the book Chimarvamidium to Edwinna. She promised to return the book to me later.
  • Quest complete

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