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For other uses, see Steam Centurion.

Steam Centurions are one of the mysterious Dwemer Animunculi. Undoubtedly designed for combat, its entire body is constructed of solid metal blocks and armored with thick metal plates. What is more interesting, however, is that its shape and face roughly resemble that of a Khajiit Senche. 


The Steam Centurion's weak points are the exposed mechanisms behind its knee and elbow armor plates. Its back also has an openable panel, which can be used to see and operate the machinery inside. Another seemingly weak point is the exhaust pipe on its back.

One would think that by blocking it could put the Animunculi out of commission, but in reality it has a number of concealed openings, through which the excess steam is ventilated. When the Steam Centurion is severely damaged, all the steam is released through emergency openings in the shoulders and the machinery is shut down.


Type Drop
Steam Centurion
Steam Guardian

Advanced Steam CenturionEdit

Advanced Steam Centurions are aggressive enemies built by the Dwemer many years ago and are still active even though the Dwemer have been gone for many years. Advanced Steam Centurion can only be found in the ruin Bamz-Amschend.


Type Drop Attack Health-icon Resist Fire Resist Shock Resist Frost Resist Poison Reflect Resist Paralyze Resist Magic
Advanced Steam Centurion

Scrap Metal

30-60 Melee

400 100 100 100 100 60 100 50
Advanced Steam Centurion

50-70 Melee



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