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Steel Bolt (Dawnguard)

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Steel Bolt
Steel Bolt
Base Damage:
10 DamageIcon
0 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1 GoldIcon
Class: Bolts, Crossbow, Archery
FormID: xx000BB3

The Steel Bolt is a bolt found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

These bolts are used primarily by the Dawnguard and can be fired by any crossbow.

They have the same base damage as a steel arrow.


As a DawnguardEdit

As a VampireEdit

  • On the bodies of attacking Dawnguard members.
  • Sneaking into Fort Dawnguard and stealing and pickpocketing them.
  • During the quest "Destroying the Dawnguard" for vampires, it is possible to use a high level illusion spell, like pacify, to calm various members of the dawnguard. This includes Sorine Jurard. While they are under the effect of your spell, you can access their shops. You can also calm Gunmar and hire armored trolls.

As EitherEdit

  • If you are looking for a cheap way to gather steel bolts, wait near someone who is practicing with a Crossbow. They will fire an unlimited number of bolts into a target, and you can simply retrieve them. The easiest time to do this is on your first visit to Fort Dawnguard, when Agmaer first joins the Dawnguard and receives training from Isran in the center room of the fort.
  • Dead Drop Falls ( You will have to do this before Awakening if you want to side with the vampires)


The Steel Bolt requires the steel smithing perk in order to create.

Note: If you sided with the Vampires then you can't learn to make crossbow bolts. And they will not show up on the Smithing menu.

Sets of 10 may be created at a forge using the following components:

  • 1 x Firewood
  • 1 x Steel Ingot

Like other bolts and arrows they cannot be upgraded.

These bolts can be crafted only after recruiting Sorine Jurard and asking her how to make a crossbow. Afterwards, unlike the crossbow, it can be made at any forge.


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  • The quiver of bolts on the player's back can sometimes be seen floating in the air quite far from the player.
  • After being fired, the bolts will sometimes fail to visually impale their target, instead resting the tip neatly up against it.
  • Some swords will appear to have speared the quiver, while sheathed on the player's back.


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