Sterdecan is an Redguard Farmer who resides in Sterdecan's Farmhouse within the region of Ascadian Isles of Morrowind.

Abolitionist movementEdit

As the course of the quest "Tul's Escape" suggests, Sterdecan is an abolitionist and helps escaped slaves. This makes him a target of bounty hunters. His involvement in the movement is further hinted by his approval of the Nerevarine's attempt to help free a slave, through the fact that the slave Hides-His-Foot during the quest "Free Hides-His-Foot" wants to be escorted to his farm, and through another slave, Jo'Ren-Dar, who resides inside his farmhouse.


Tul's EscapeEdit

Sterdecan is the target of the Camonna Tong bounty hunter Tul, who pretends to be an escaped slave. If the Nerevarine decides to side with Sterdecan at the end of the quest, he will reveal that bounty hunters are not an uncommon occurrence on his farm.