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"Sternis Gelves. He's the real threat. Without him the Red Rooks are just disorganized thugs looking for pockets to pick and purses to snatch."
Tamien Sellan[src]

Sternis Gelves is a Breton and the leader of the Red Rook Bandits. He is found in Crosswych, where he oversees everything from the mayor's house.


The Miner's LamentEdit

The Red Rooks have taken over the Crosswych Mine, turning the miners into slaves. Further, anyone who resists them are sent into the mines as prisoners.

Crosswych ReclaimedEdit

Tamien Sellan says the Crosswych resistance has gained enough momentum. It's time to deal with the Red Rooks' leader, Sternis Gelves himself. The Vestige needs to enter the mayor's house, find Gelves and kill him.


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