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Anya Herrick

Anya Herrick, Stewardess of Dementia.

Stewards or Stewardesses oversee the actions of nobles and are often advisors to rulers of specific regions. In Cyrodiil, the Counts and Countesses of each city employ a steward, they are the Counts primary advisors and are also hired to oversee shipments, handle public relations, and sell houses to citizens. [1]

In Skyrim, they are the Jarl's primary advisor, and generally takes care of the more mundane aspects of running the keep, the city, or even the hold, depending on the situation.[2] They also sell houses to citizens.[3] With the Hearthfire add-on, the Dragonborn can appoint certain followers as his or her steward. See Steward (Hearthfire) for more information.[4]




Shivering IslesEdit


Pre-Civil WarEdit

Stewards before the Civil War conflict.

Post Civil WarEdit

Stewards after the Civil War quests are completed.



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