"I'm sorry, I can't help you right now. I'm very busy and there's a lot to do."
―Steward Eminwe[src]

Steward Eminwe is the Altmer stewardess of Queen Ayrenn's personal staff.


Little is known of her past, but considering her position, she probably was responsible for handling the day-to-day operations of Ayrenn's estate and dealing with the staff.

It is unknown when, but she eventually joined the Veiled Heritance and was a key player in their plan to assassinate Queen Ayrenn in Vulkhel Guard when the Vestige first meets her. Working with Watch Captain Astanya, she planted poisoned meat in the supplies to be found by the Vestige as a diversion for the First Auridon Marines.

However, she apparently ended up changing her mind and attempted to sway Astanya from assassinating Ayrenn in the temple. However, she was unable to convince her, and was critically wounded before the Vestige and Battlereeve Urcelmo entered the temple. Her last words, apologizing for what she had done before being killed by a flame arrow from Astanya.

Steward Eminwe

Steward Eminwe old outfit


Ensuring SecurityEdit

Watch Captain Astanya tells the Vestige to talk to the Eminwe. She sends them to check the supplies in the warehouse to make sure they are fresh. Once the Vestige finds poisoned meat, Eminwe instructs the Vestige to give it to Astanya.

A Hostile SituationEdit

Eminwe tries to warn the Vestige and Battlereeve Urcelmo about the Astanya's trap, but while she is doing this she is killed.