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"Good day to you. Have you come at the summons of her ladyship?"

Stibbons is a Breton who serves Lady Clarisse Laurent. He can be found outside the Tomb of Lost Kings in Lady Laurent's Camp. In Stibbons' belief, Lady Laurent would be lost without him, but is actually mistreated by her, even though she keeps friendship for him. He also has an unusual trend of unintentionally wakening love and obssession coming from differents kinds of Daedra.


The Jeweled Crown of AntonEdit

A Daggerfall noble named Lady Laurent seems to be some kind of treasure hunter. She's exploring the Tomb of Lost Kings to find something to add to her collection.

Saving StibbonsEdit

Release Stibbons from the clutches of the Winged Twilights.

What the Heart WantsEdit

Save Stibbons from the Manor of Revelry.

Sorrow's KissEdit

Lady Laurent and Stibbons have been hired by the House of Orsimer Glories to locate the shrine of Torug gro-Igron, which supposedly sits at the top of the mountain named Sorrow.

Known locationsEdit

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