Stig Salt-Plank is a Nord pirate captain residing in Dawnstar.


Stig is a captain in the pirate clan the Blood Horkers, and has been for nine years. Stig and his crew raid company ships.


Rise in the EastEdit

Stig is the only means of getting to the bottom of where the pirate clan has their main base of operations. The Dragonborn has to either bribe or brawl with him to get the information.

The note in Stig's pocket can also be read to obtain the information and continue with the quest.


Beasts of the seaEdit

Karita: "You beasts are the worst."
Stig: "Come now, dearie, surely we aren't all that bad."
Karita: "Just... leave me alone! I've brought your mead, now drink it and shut your filthy mouths."
Alding: "Oh, we've got other things in mind for our mouths, sweetie."


  • After "Rise in the East" is completed, Stig and his men may permanently remain inside Windpeak Inn and only say general quotes if spoken to.