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"They say I do unspeakable things. They are not wrong. Nah, just pulling your tail!"

Still-Waters is an Argonian member of the Thieves Guild found in the Thieves Den in the Bazaar District of Abah's Landing, Hew's Bane.


  • Still-Waters rejoins the Thieves Guild after the quest Prison Break has been completed.


Show: Out-of-Quest Dialogue

"I know what the new recruits say about me, how they call me "the Lizard of Hew's Bane." They say I do unspeakable things. They are not wrong. Nah, just pulling your tail! I just like to keep the new recruits on their toes. Builds character."

Now that the Iron Wheel threat is over, you decided to come back to the guild? "Never leap into water when you don't know the depth. I wasn't here, but I wasn't cowering like a newt just free of his shell. There were things that needed doing. Now they are done. All to the benefit of the guild."
So are things back to normal now? "The guild has reclaimed its position of power in Abah's Landing. Our new arrangement with Taneth might even make us more powerful in the long run. It all depends on how the wind blows. And if the merchant lords don't cause us too many difficulties."
You have a rather impressive reputation? "Do I? I suppose that I do. It was earned with the blood and entrails of others, though, I assure you. You're too easy to fool! I do enjoy making the new recruits tremble!"


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