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Stolen Reports

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Stolen Reports
Stolen Reports Quest
Quest Giver Ajira
Location Balmora Mages Guild
Prerequisite Four Types of Flowers
Next Quest Recover the Staff of Magnus
Reward Exclusive Potions (x5)
Reputation +1 Reputation
+5 Mages Guild
Disposition +10 Ajira
Faction Mages Guild
Type Mages Guild Quest
ID MG_StolenReport

Stolen Reports is a Mages Guild quest. It can be obtained from Ajira in the Balmora Mages Guild.


Someone has stolen Ajira's reports, the Flower Report and the Mushroom Report and she suspects Galbedir's revenge. Galbedir has not left the guild's building, so all of the reports are inside.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Ajira.
  2. Search the Mages Guild for the scrolls OR try to convince Galbedir to tell where they are.
  3. Bring all the reports to Ajira.



Stolen Reports
Ajira told me that her reports on the mushrooms and flowers of Vvardenfell have been stolen. Ajira thinks that Galbedir stole them. I should look around the Mages Guild here in Balmora for the reports and return them to Ajira.
  • Quest accepted
Ajira thanked me for finding her stolen reports.
  • Quest complete


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