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"The ashfall from the volcanoes of the Velothi Mountains and from great Ash Mountain itself is Stonefalls' bane and benefit, fertilizing the soil where the land isn't too arid to grow crops. It was here that the recent invading army from Akavir met its bloody end."
―Stonefalls Loading Screen[src]

Stonefalls is the volcanic wasteland located on the Morrowind mainland and across the southern coast of the Inner Sea. Stonefalls has seen it's fair share of war over the years making it a realm of the past.



Daen SeethEdit

Ash Mountain View from Ebonheart

Ash Mountain.

Stonefalls has lava spewing from all corners of the realm. This along with the twin volcanoes makes Stonefalls a truly formidable Ashland to not tread lightly on. The Daen Seeth region of Stonefalls has many notable locations including the magnificent port city of Davon's Watch and Ash Mountain, one of the twin volcanoes of Stonefalls. The town of Senie is located on the base of Ash Mountain, the massive crypt known as Othrenis is located west of Senie, and Fort Arand is located further west. The Daen Seeth coast is only viewable from Davon's Watch since Ash Mountain towers over the land. West of Davon's Watch is a war-torn area known as the Starved Plains. It was a site of an ancient battle at the time of the [Chimer]]. Eastern Daen Seeth connects to the Argonian reserve known as Bal Foyen.


The Zabamat region of Stonefalls is much more close to the sea than the majority of Daen Seeth. Zabamat's capital is the city of Ebonheart which rivals even the Dunmeri capital city of Mournhold. Out of all the regions in Stonefalls, Zabamat has seen a lot of battles throughout the years. Vivec's Antlers is a field of land-coral that was the site of a battle during the Second Akaviri Invasion led by Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal. The Sulfur Pools is a set of large pools filled with Sulfur that is used to preserve food and wine. Fort Virak in the northwest leads to the Rift in southeastern Skyrim. There are many settlements located in Zabamat's fertile land including Heimlyn Keep (a House Telvanni fort town), Lukiul Uxith (an assimilated Argonian village), and Hrogar's Hold (a large farmstead owned by Nords).


The Varanis region is more inland than the other regions in Stonefalls. Varanis' capital is the city of Kragenmoor which is House Hlaalu territory. The Tormented Spire is one of the twin volcanoes of Stonefalls, and it's located east of Kragenmoor. The second largest settlement in Varanis is the Iliath Temple which is by the worshippers of the Tribunal Temple. A large cavern known as the Fungal Grotto is home to an old daedric temple dedicated to Mephala, the Daedric Prince of murder, sex, and sin.


The Kagouti are large bipedal predators usually found alone or with a couple of other ones. The Kagouti resembled the Alit except much more bigger and built for combat. They have large heavy heads with horns on them that pack quite the punch. It's back is riddled with sharp plated ridges.[1]

The Alit is a common bipedal predator found throughout Morrowind, Black Marsh, and even parts of Valenwood. Alit Hides are sought out by the Ashlanders in the areas and fetch a high price. The Alit resembles the Kagouti except for less armored and more green. They have small beady yellow eyes and large claws on their foot.[1]


The Bull Netch.

The Netch is a common creature found throughout Morrowind, from Deshaan to Solstheim. The Bull Netch is the alpha male of the Netch while the Betty Netch is the female. The youngling is known as the Netch Calf. The Netch is a versatile creature for the Dunmeri people, their Netch Jelly is a delicacy in Morrowind, and their Netch Leather is used for armor. Netches excrete a foul stench whenever it gets agitated.[1]

Nix-Hounds are arthropod predators found in packs. Nix-Hounds have four legs with sharp claws and hooked knees. A Hounds face two big pink eyes in the middle of their face, two smaller black eyes atop of the pink ones, and two blue eyes under the pink ones. A hound would also have a long sword-like snout. The meat on Nix-Hounds are sour.[1]

Goblins are a variety of goblin-ken that live in western Zabamat and the entirety of Varanis. The Goblins live in tribes and use spiders as battle pets. The Goblin race are scavengers that steal from civilized towns. The leader of a tribe is known as chieftains. The most prominent tribe of goblins in Stonefalls are the Shadowsilk Tribe.

Stonefalls has many different types of fish including: Scum Carp, Rainbow Zander, Akaviri Wrasse, and the Ash Shad.


Scathecraw (Morrowind)


Despite Stonefalls being a barren wasteland of soot and crags, Stonefalls is a very vibrantly colored region filled with flora ranging from giant alien mushroom trees that tower the very cities dotting the landscape to trees coming in all colors of the rainbow and many unusual plants and trees. The large mushrooms have orange pods that grow along the stem. The trees usually come in different varieties and combinations of red including basic red, pink, purple, and dark red. The traditional plants found in Morrowind including Scathecraw, Spiky Grass, and Stinkhorn can be found in Morrowind. It can be used in alchemy. In northern Ebonheart, the Argonians grew a Hist tree in the middle of their district. The coast tends to be less colorful since both Vvardenfell and Ash Mountain is closer to the coast.


The Great HousesEdit

Western Stonefalls is generally House Indoril territory, up until Zabamat and Ebonheart is where the power shifts towards House Hlaalu. The Indoril stronghold in Stonefalls is Davon's Watch. During the Alliance War, the House Indoril military in Stonefalls is considered to be one of the powerful ones in all of Morrowind and leading the helm was the House Indoril Grandmaster, Tanval Indoril. Indoril Troopers tend to have the more clout in a region so bribing them can provide positive results.[2]

The rest of Stonefalls is House Hlaalu territory. The cities of Kragenmoor and Ebonheart have been traditionally Hlaalu cities. During the Alliance War, House Dres was given Kragenmoor. It is unknown how they gained control over the city or how it returned to Hlaalu. Hlaalu folk tend to be easy pickpocket targets outside of Narsis and the Deshaan Plains.[2]


First EraEdit

The Origins of the Brothers of StrifeEdit

During an unknown battle in the Nede-Chimer War, the Chimeri army was brought into a corner by the Nedic army. In a desperate move to win the battle, the two Chimeri sorcerers, Nilae and Turoni accumulated the hearts of many Nedes and the essences of fire daedra. General Balreth and Legate Sadal, two Chimeri brothers, chose to sacrifice themselves to destroy the Nede army. The two became the Brothers of Strife and obliterated the Nedic Army. A mage known as Mavos Siloreth sealed the Brothers away into the twin mountains of Stonefalls to prevent further destruction. An area south of Ebonheart is called the Brothers of Strife, in honor of the two brothers who sacrificed themselves for the greater good.[3]

Foundation of the Iliath TempleEdit

In 1E 670, the Iliath Temple was originally a shrine to Azura that was repurposed into a place a worship for the Tribunal. The area has a large cavern filled with ebony that is sought out by many. The temple has had reoccurring problems with the nearby Kagesh Tribe which eventually led to them attacking the temple in the second era.[4]

Second EraEdit

Main article: Stonefalls (Online)

Argonian Intergration into Dunmeri SocietyEdit

In the beginning of the second era, the Argonians moved towards Morrowind in numbers after the Imperial conquest over Black Marsh from 1E 2811 and onward. The Imperials turned Black Marsh into a prison state of violence and unhinged criminals. 600 years later and the Argonians became a part of Dunmeri society. Many settlements were founded by the Argonians including Dhalmora, Lukiul Uxith, and Silent Mire.[5]

The End of the Akaviri InvasionEdit

Vivec's Antlers

Vivec's Antlers

In 2E 572, the Second Akaviri Invasion had already sacked Winterhold in Skyrim and moved past the city of Riften. The leader of the Akaviri army, Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal, had already been back pushed by Jorunn the Skald-King and the supposed Wulfharth near Riften and now had to deal with Almalexia of the Tribunal and Tanval Indoril of House Indoril. The battle had begun at the land-coral region of Vivec's Antlers. Both the Nords and the Dunmer had a hard time pressing through the Akaviri force. The Kamali naval ships were appearing upon the horizon in the Inner Sea, and the Nordic-Dunmer forces were unable to breach their defenses until the Argonians from the Deshaan Plains came and broke through the forces.[6]

Formation of the Ebonheart PactEdit

At the end of the Battle of Vivec's Antlers, the Nords of Eastern Skyrim, the Dunmer of Morrowind, and the Argonians of Black Marsh come together in Ebonheart and formed an unlikely alliance known as the Ebonheart Pact. The Alliance base was the city of Mournhold, and the Alliance occupied the northwestern region of Cyrodiil.[7]

The Siege of Davon's WatchEdit

In 2E 582, in the nearby Argonian reserve, Bal Foyen, the Daggerfall Covenant had attacked both the Bal Foyen Dockyards and Fort Zeren. The Covenant's next target was the city of Davon's Watch which is located west of Foyen. Luckily, the signal fires in Dhalmora were lit and the Watch was on high alert. The Ebonheart Pact commander stationed in the Watch was Holgunn One-Eye, and he led the defense against the Covenant. Tanval Indoril was also leading the defense and came up with a very different solution of bringing the skull of Nam Indoril to revive one of the Brothers of Strife, Balreth. Nam needed convincing to summon the demon and time to do so. He tasks the Vestige and his son, Garyn Indoril to delay the daggers on the shore westward by burning their siege weapons. In the House Indoril Crypt, Tanval was able to bring Balreth to life, and he destroyed the Covenant armada in the Inner Sea. With the Covenant destroyed, the task is to now capture Balreth and seal him away before he can wreck the rest of Stonefalls.[8][9][10]

Sealing Balreth atop the Ashen SpireEdit


Balreth of the Brothers of Strife.

During the time of the Chimer, a mage known Mavos Siloreth was the one who imprisoned the demon Balreth inside Ash Mountain and is the only one who knows how to do it. The Vestige traveled to Othrenis and communed with the ghost of Mavos. Siloreth used two Flame Atronachs to bind Balreth to the volcano. With this knowledge, the Vestige traveled to the base of Ash Mountain at the Pact Camp to meet with Holgunn and Walks-in-Ash of Senie. The three trekked the fiery mountain and fought droves of daedra on the climb to the summit. After summoning and defeating the Atronachs, Blaze and Ragebinder, the three and Garyn Indoril fought Balreth at the mountain's core and sealed the Brother of Strife.[11][12][13][14]

The Second Battle of Vivec's AntlersEdit

The Covenant Armada at Davon's Watch wasn't done. The remnants of the force moved westward towards the city of Ebonheart and the land-coral maze of Vivec's Antlers. Covenant General, Alexandra Conele received Intel from Rhavil Urano about Balreth and Sadal, the Brothers of Strife. Conele planned on invading the Antlers to retrieve the Coral Heart, an artifact connected to the land-coral, to control Sadal. After Restoring Order in Ebonheart, the Vestige traveled to Vivec's Antlers to aid in the Second Battle of Vivec's Antlers. The two alliances had to deal with the local Dreugh in the area. The Vestige arrived on the scene and aided the Pact in the battle. The traveler saved many soldiers from the Dreugh and rescued Lieutenant Galyn at the Dagger's Point Invasion Camp. Conele ventured inside the Coral Heart Chamber and was followed by the Vestige and Sings-With-Reed. Reed decides to become one with the Coral Heart. Conele appears in front of the Vestige and battles them for the heart. In the end, Conele is defeated and Holgunn takes the Coral Heart.[15][16]

Retaking Fort VirakEdit

While the Second Battle of Vivec's Antlers was taking place, the Covenant led by General Serien advanced across the Zabamat region and captured the valued Fort Virak Stronghold, located on the Morrowind - Skyrim border to the Rift. The Virak walls were impregnable, and Covenant necromancers used dead soldiers to fight the Pact at the southern wall. The Pact besieged endlessly on the wall to little success. The Vestige traveled across Zabamat to reach the battlefield. With the help of Holgunn One-Eye and Walks-in-Ash, the Pact moved through the Virak catacombs to eventually reach the courtyard in Fort Virak. Serien locked himself inside Virak Keep while the Pact opened the north and south gates of Virak. After securing the yard, the Vestige, Holgunn, Tanval Indoril, and Garyn Indoril confronted Serien. During the fight, Serien murdered Garyn and possessed Tanval. Tanval is enraged over the death of Garyn. He takes the Coral Heart and flees to the Tormented Spire to release Sadal to destroy everything that led to his son's death.[17][18][19]

House Feud in KragenmoorEdit

Tanval Indoril

Grandmaster Tanval Indoril.

To reach the Tormented Spire, one must gain access via the Grandmaster stationed in Kragenmoor. Otherwise, the wards will block the cave entrance. Tanval and his Vanguard Duelists kidnapped Sen Dres, the son of House Dres Grandmaster, Omin Dres and used him as a hostage to meet their demands. Tanval was granted access to the spire and left a fraction of his vanguard to occupy the city of Kragenmoor. The Vestige arrived on the scene and agreed on helping to find Sen. After investigating, the traveler discovered that he is located in the House Dres Crypts to the west of town. After fighting through a series of Vanguard troopers, the Vestige rescued Sen and gained the Pact access to the Tormented Spire.[20][21]

Sealing Sadal atop the Tormented SpireEdit

The Vestige, Holgunn One-Eye, Walks-in-Ash, and an army from the Ebonheart Pact took down the wards set in place by Kragenmoor and scaled the Tormented Spire. Tanval began to regret his past decisions and decides to help reseal Sadal into the spire. The Pact and Tanval's Vanguard fought through waves of daedra while the four warriors brought the key figures needed to seal Sadal. Inside the depths of the spire, Sadal commands the daedra. The four fought the Bone Colossus and Tanval sacrificed himself to hold Sadal. The demon was sealed away and the Stonefalls region was saved.[22][23][24]

Third EraEdit

Main article: Stonefalls (Arena)

Stonefalls and it's cities during the SimulacrumEdit

Stonefalls view

The town of Stonefalls circa 3E 399.

During the Imperial Simulacrum, a settlement also known as Stonefalls existed and was located in the general area of Vivec's Antlers. On the road, it was connected to Ebonheart, Kragenmoor, Karththor Dale, Riverbridge. It was also on the coastline to the Inner Sea and west of the River Thir. At one point, the Eternal Champion had visited the town in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos. The Champion had also visited the cities of Ebonheart, Kragenmoor, Darnim Watch (Davon's Watch in a later iteration), Heimlyn Keep, and Omaynis.

The city of Ebonheart and it's king, King Casik, was at war with the town of Firewatch and it's queen, Queen Vaynth. This war hasn't been brought up since. The outcome is also unknown.[25]

After finding a piece of the Staff of Chaos in the Murkwood forest of Black Marsh, the Eternal Champion must now find the final piece in Morrowind. The traveler was directed to the city of Ebonheart and King Casik. Casik gives the Champion a proposition where if the champion gets the Hammer of Gharen from Black Gate, then he'll tell them the location of the piece. After retrieving the Hammer, Casik pointed the way to Red Mountain where the champion found the last piece. All is left is the jewel of the staff which is located in the Imperial Palace guarded by Jagar Tharn.[26]

Fourth EraEdit

The Effects of the Red YearEdit

During the Red Year, the Ministry of Truth atop of Vivec City crashed onto the city and demolished it causing a rupture throughout Tamriel, even as far as the Summerset Isles. Stonefalls as very likely to be affected by the fall. The cities of Davon's Watch and Ebonheart were possibly hit by a tsunami and suffered a great deal of damage. If a city like Tear suffered from earthquakes and damaged walls, then Kragenmoor suffered much greater but not as much as the two coastal cities. Many settlements were like destroyed by the earthquakes or through the tsunami from the Inner Sea.[27][28]









By gameEdit



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