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For other uses, see Stonehills.

Stonehills is a mining community in the Hold of Hjaalmarch to the southwest of Frostmere Crypt. It consists of a mine, a cottage, and a number of tents outside the cottage.


It is used by miners working within Rockwallow Mine. The settlement and the mine are owned by Bryling, a Nord Thane living in Solitude. Stonehills is located slightly northwest of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, at the bottom of the mountain.

The camp is managed by Pactur, who lives in the cottage (Sorli's House) with his wife, Sorli, and their son, Sirgar. During the day, the miners work inside the mine. At night, they sit around the campfire before sleeping in the nearby tents. The mine is worked by Jesper, Teeba-Ei, Gestur Rockbreaker, and Swanvhir.


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