Stonekeep is a dungeon in Hammerfell, just outside of Rihad. It is one of several locations that the Eternal Champion must travel to The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


The palace is one floor, but is quite extensive. Among the rooms included is a throne room, an office hall, a royal bed chamber, a residential area, a dining room, a kitchen, and a large prison.

At the time of Eternal Champions arrival, there are numerous caves breaking through the walls to the south, as well as large amounts of flooding.


On the quest to stop Jagar Tharn, the Eternal Champion must venture into Stonekeep to obtain a piece of parchment stolen by Golthog the Dark, which is needed in order for Queen Blubamka of Rihad to tell him the location of the first piece of the Staff of Chaos.


Stonekeep was run by a group of peace keeping knights, led by a King. It was required to surrender all weapons to the guards upon entering.

It was attacked by goblins who have tunneled their way into the fortress. After the goblins had killed the king, the remaining survivors tried to escape through the goblins' caves to the south. However, failing this, they followed the tunnels back to the north to make their last stand, where they were presumably wiped out. After the original inhabitants were killed, the fortress became the home to numerous creatures, including giant Rats, Wolves, Orcs, Skeletons, Minotaurs, giant Spiders and Ghouls. As well as Golthog the Dark and his band of goblins.