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Stop the Messenger is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. The Nerevarine has been tasked with eliminating a messenger sent to deliver a report from the colony with the help of Hroldar the Strange. After the messenger has been killed, Hroldar gives the Nerevarine a note from Carnius ordering the betrayal of Hroldar.




Stop the Messenger
I've been tasked with eliminating a messenger sent from the colony, but I must make it appear that wolves overtook the man. I'm to follow Hroldar out into the wilderness, then lure the man to the location.
  • Quest accepted
Hroldar is going to take me to the spot where he'll wait until the messenger arrives.
We've arrived at the location; I need to go find the messenger and make sure he gets to this point.
I've agreed to escort the messenger to Fort Frostmoth; instead, I need to get him close to Hroldar so that Hroldar's wolves can take him down.
The messenger has met with an "unfortunate accident". I should report to Carnius.
I killed the messenger.
Hroldar has given me a package from Carnius.
Following Carnius' orders, I've killed Hroldar.
Carnius was happy to hear that both Hroldar and the messenger had been eliminated.
  • Quest complete
Carnius was unhappy that I had killed the messenger, but thanked me for taking care of Hroldar.
  • Quest complete

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