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Storm Calling is a Sorcerer skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Ultimate skillsEdit

  • Overload: A toggle-able attack mode. While Overload is active, light and heavy attacks are replaced with empowered versions that cost Ultimate as their resource.

Active skillsEdit

  • Mage's Fury: Calls lightning from the sky, dealing shock damage. This spell also applies a debuff to the target which causes them to explode, dealing bonus damage once they pass below a health threshold.
  • Lightning Form: Wraps the player in electrical currents, increasing their damage reduction for a short duration while dealing shock damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Lightning Splash: Creates a pool of electrical energy that deals damage every second to enemies within its radius. An ally may exploit the area to activate the Conduit synergy.
  • Surge: A short duration self-buff which increases the player's Power.
  • Bolt Escape: Teleport forward in a straight line, stunning nearby enemies.

Passive skillsEdit

  • Capacitor: Increases Magicka regeneration.
  • Energized: Increases the damage done by the player's lightning-based magic.
  • Disintegrate: The player's lightning-based spells have a chance to instantly disintegrate low health targets.
  • Expert Mage: Reduces the cost of all lightning-based spells.

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